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Snow Storm: Hannibal and His Troop Crossing the Alps by Turner

Over Alps
Tourists were faced with problems early on in their trip. Often, an itinerary had to be thoroughly mapped out allowing room for delays both in travel and in towns. The first and largest obstacle facing travelers was the entrance into Italy because there were only three entrances. The most common choice was to journey through the Swiss Alps. This trek could only be made between the months of May and August because any other time during the year the mountains were impassable. The trip, alone, took two weeks, if you had a competent guide. The other option consists of going by sea from France to Italy, and traveling all the way to Austria. Here they would cross the foothills of the Alps and head south to Italy going completely around the mountains. Issues with the later option generally pertained to time constraints and Geo-political problems. Turin was the main entry point for tourist being the next big stop after Paris, then they could go south to Milan and Verona or, Southeast to Reggio and Genoa always heading to Florence and Venice. Weather, heat, and poor sanitation would obstruct any travel along the Adriatic coast certain times of the year so timing of arrival and departure of Turin was critical.

They go to Swiss Alps to Turin and then on to Venice.

Claire’s journal:
Roger and I found a guide today, and we are going to take our two-week trip through the Alps to Turin first and then to Venice.

Roger’s journal:
We met a guide, who is a sort of European Grizzly Adams. The Alps were amazing, and we keep running into nobility like those we met at the palace at Versailles. I can’t wait to get to Turin. The old man back home said great things about the place.

Claire’s journal:
Roger keeps muttering something about Grizzly Adams. What’s a Grizzly Adams?

Roger’s journal:
You don’t realize how long a two-week trip through the Alps can be until you are halfway through it. I also did not realize how bad hanging out with a European Grizzly Adams could be either.