Dr. Joyce’s Art History II class from Mississippi Univerisity for Women is creating a blog, based on the Grand Tour during the 17th and 18th centuries. People during this time would go on the Grand Tour to travel around Europe to view the great works of art. Most of the Grand Tourists began their journey in England, but for our story the journey begins much further off. Our travelers come from a different land that no longer has any knowledge of art due to a ban placed by their government. A young man, Roger, and a young woman, Claire, are approached by an older gentleman who bestows the task upon these two young heroes to bring back art to their generation. He shows them the portal that will take them to this different time, and he gives the two a port key to travel back and forth in time while on the Grand Tour. With this port key, they can travel between the 17th and 18th centuries so that they can see as much art as possible. The portal initially takes them to London, England to begin their journey like most of the Grand Tourists. They then travel across the channel to France to see Paris and Versailles. From there, they go across the Alps into Italy to explore the cities of Turin, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, and finally Naples. They have to keep in disguise, travelling and dressing like the other tourists, which is cause for many eventful moments in their journey.

This is a multi-year project begun in the 2012 spring semester with the participation of the following students: Jared Andrews, Sarah Barrett, Shawanda Corbett, Britney Frazier, Ruthe Guerry, Rebecca Harrison, Jeffery Johnson, Nichole Kuhl, Alexandra Long, Amber McMillan, Whitney Russell, Tracey Seals, Kelsey Smith, Natasha Watkins

Each Wednesday, a new post will update you on the adventures of Clarie and Roger.


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