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Claire and Roger continue their journey overland on their way to the Palace at Versailles.  On the way, they get lost and their carriage wheel breaks.  Claire begins nagging, “If only we had stopped to ask for directions…” On top of all of this, she has to find a bathroom!

While they are lost and trying to fix their broken wheel, they come upon a wrecked carriage with a drunken driver stumbling away.  They steal a priceless painting in the carriage (after all, they are charged with the duty to bring art back to the present), but in the end they must sell the painting to finance their Grand Tour.

Eventually, they fix their wheel and make their way to Versailles.

Roger’s journal:

The French countryside is really nice, but our carriage broke down—one of the wheels broke.  We have wheels on our vehicles at home, but these are so different!  They are nothing like tires, and there’s no jacks around!  Several Grand Tourists pass us along the road while I was fixing the wheel, and they just laughed.  Claire won’t leave me alone, either.  Apparently, she has to go to the bathroom, and she is having problems with these clothes.


Poor Roger.  I know it’s hard to fix a wheel, but it can’t be much harder than changing a tire.  I won’t make fun of Roger, but really, I could do this myself.  On top of the discomfort of waiting for Roger to fix the wheel, I have to find the ‘facilities’—in the woods and in this enormous dress and with no toilet paper!