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Marriage à la Mode, Painting 1: The Marriage Settlement by William Hogarth

The young man and woman find themselves in 17th-century London after using the portal.  Like the Grand Tourists of the 17th and 18th centuries, they have recorded their adventures below.  Our travelers each kept their own journals, so that the reader may get a full perspective.

An English Vessel and Dutch Ships Becalmed by Willem van de Velde

British tourists beginning their trip made their way to the coast of England. They then sailed across the channel to France. Because most tourists were novice sailors, it was very difficult due to seasickness, calm or troublesome winds, and disembarking. Along with those troubles, strong winds and dangerous storms arriving at any moment added to the delays. Upon arrival, disembarkation was just as problematic. Circumstances caused them to exit into rowboats, dangerous in stormy weather, several miles away from their destination. Adding insult to injury, the French would keep some travelers from coming ashore, but most tourists were able to make the trip in about three hours. Many traveled across the channel in packet boats for a fee or made arrangements with captains of private ships to carry them to their destination. The favorite route to take was from Dover to Calais, but other routes include: Dover to Boulogne; Brighton or Southampton to Le Havre, Dieppe, or Cherbourg. Once in France, they would make their way to Paris stopping at Amiens cathedral, the palace of Chantilly, and St. Denis.

Claire’s Journal:

To cross the Chanel from England to Calais, we had to travel in a row boat, with so many people.  Even though many others were ill from the waves, I didn’t get sea sick.  I am a strong woman.  We finally got across, but the French would not allow us to disembark after all that rowing!  We had to sneak ashore.

Roger’s Journal:

The trip across the Chanel was miserable.  First, Claire was sick the entire boat ride over.  She may claim that she wasn’t sea sick, but she complained the whole time.  Then, I had to wear ridiculous clothing to blend in with these Grand Tourists.  I had to wear these ridiculous stockings; men should never have to wear stockings, definitely.  Add to that, the boat ride was way too long.  And finally, I had to carry Claire’s belongings up the rocks as we snuck past the French guarding the shoreline.  It was all so tiring.  I’m just glad that I am not a whiner like Claire.

Claire’s Journal:

Roger’s tights were a little too tight in certain areas…